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A Peek Into The Life of Khi

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Born and raised in Memphis, TN. The middle kid. Two brothers. Tomboy Indeed. Never cared of much of what people thought of me. I have always been my own person with my own little agenda. My childhood was LIT. I mean it was everything a 90's kid (born in June of 89) could want! School was fun, my friends were fun, home life was fun. My mom worked a lot to make sure we never wanted for much (which I am indebted to her forever). It was typical for that era and still quite typical til this day. My childhood was filled with long walks up and down the street to different community centers, playing street ball, going to the candy lady and the corner store, I mean just doing kid shit! It was amazing! I don't have one regret but if I could change anything it would be my timid approach toward my athletic ability.

I'm a fast learner. I could demonstrate the heck out of any thing. I mean honestly, and I am still that way until this day! But when it actually became game time, I froze up, I mean completely froze up! How terrible!? A complete waste of talent. I mean I was okay with sitting on the sidelines because I let nervousness overcome me! You know what? I was actually afraid to fail! What if I miss the shot, what if I get crossed over (lol), what if I mess-up!?! But you see, as I became older, I started to understand that about myself. Self-awareness is the MUVA! Once I gained understanding of that, I began to force myself out of my comfort zone in every aspect of my life! What I've found, is that every time I step outside of my comfort zone, I flourish! I mean Khi is a badass! There is nothing I can't do and nothing that I will not do to achieve my dream! I am love and light! I am passionate and persistent! I am walking in my destiny! I have tunnel vision right now, and my only focus is leveling up!

This is just a slight peek into the life of Khi. There's more to come. This is the year of 30 and my best year yet!

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